To further strengthen global cooperation and integration, members of the worldwide M&A International Inc. alliance have created Oaklins, a new investment banking group with 60 offices in 40 countries. Although it is a new entity, it already is one of the largest and most experienced mid-market M&A advisors globally, comprising 700 M&A professionals worldwide and a strong industry focus across 14 sectors. Its senior professionals have worked together for over 30 years, seamlessly closing over 5,000 transactions. In the last five years alone, Oaklins’ member firms have closed 1,500 transactions, of which over 50% were cross-border. Because of our new international structure and our solid past track record, Oaklins is able to advise private shareholders, financial investors and corporate clients on larger and more complex deals, providing better results.


Oaklins offers highly talented global industry specialists on every deal team, tapping into the vast experience of 700 M&A professionals worldwide across 14 industry sectors. They know the trends, drivers and opportunities in all key industries, and use passion, creativity and our vast global network of strategic acquirors and investors to achieve extraordinary valuations. With Oaklins, every deal gets the international exposure it needs.


Our trusted senior specialists are entrepreneurs with the skills and experience to ensure the best results for our clients, whether at home or abroad. They understand the competitive pressures and globalization, and know you may have to go further to find the right solutions. Our advisors use creativity, expertise, global and local relationships to help our clients successfully identify the right strategic partners to realize premium valuations. This has helped local niche players expand cross-border, and larger groups consolidate their worldwide assets. Every step of the way, Oaklins’ people put their clients first and that makes a big difference.


Oaklins Austria does deals differently. As one of the leading M&A advisory firms in Austria and part of the TJP Group we have successfully closed more than 50 national and international transactions since 2010. By merging into Oaklins, the world’s most experienced M&A mid-market advisory firm, our clients now have access to worldwide advisory expertise. Our network consists of over 700 M&A professionals in 40 countries, who internationally cooperate in dedicated industry teams.

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