Forensic & Compliance

With more and more crimes and criminal acts such as suspected of disloyalty by employees, corruption, data theft, espionage, cyber-crime data or other serious economic offenses, digital evidence play an important role in educating.

With an experienced team of digital forensic and forensic data analysts, we support companies in securing, analysis, processing and judicial utilization this digital evidence. We also advise our clients with our know-how in matters of possible preventive measures.

Forensic & Compliance​ Management System

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the identification and detailed investigation of suspicious business transactions to identify fraudulent cash flows, financial statement manipulations and other irregularities in an organization’s accounting system. The investigation entails not only an economic analysis of the corporate accounting system but also close scrutiny from a criminal perspective.

Compliance Due Diligence in M&A transactions

An effective compliance management system serves to secure the company's success. Therefore, the establishment and effectiveness of compliance management systems to be questioned even during the preparation of corporate transactions. For potential sellers, this results in the obligation to give prospective buyers in this respect proper information. Buyers scrutinize specific measures taken and possible risks.


The growing complexity of international eDiscovery process provides for many companies is a challenge. In order to satisfy the obligation to submit, without revealing significant for the litigation documents, the stored files must be pre-spotted and identified. Given the amount of enterprise data, this represents a time- and resource-consuming challenge. We support companies in the data review, therefore, assurance and evaluation and allow our clients to focus on their core business.


Our services include the identification, safeguarding, analysis, evaluation and documentation of evidence on data carriers as well as support in the implementation of these processes. We draw on our expertise in the fields of File Carving, Mobile Forensics, Cloud Forensics and Memory Forensics, and ensure the full picture of a disk.

Mobile Forensics

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are now commonplace companion and contain important data. Mobilforensischer means hardware and software can be extracted this data (eg. Contacts, call logs, SMS, messages from messaging services). Depending on your system, different transaction data (eg. From photos, emails, passwords, notes, temporary files of installed applications) can be extracted and used for forensic analysis.

Cloud Forensics

Businesses and individuals are increasingly using cloud services (eg. Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive) as a backup storage or for sharing data. Although no direct access exists to the accounts of these services, of seized data carriers can still be accessed local copies. Partly it can be determined by the contents of the local cache, which data were indicated at the time of securing the cloud.