Erfahrungsbasierte M&A- und Corporate Finance Beratung

We are global M&A and corporate finance experts dedicated to helping ambitious entrepreneurs as well as emerging companies realize their full potential.


At the beginning there’s always a problem and a task to be solved.

When a new task presents itself, formulating the best concept is not the same thing as implementing that concept. As soon as the consultant leaves your office, the implementation of the concepts seems more difficult than expected. Circumstances can change and all of a sudden new solutions have to found.

After the analysis and concept phase we also offer to implement the concepts we have developed.

Implementing experience means working with you to put our know-how into practice—if you want us to. We work on site at your company and can respond quickly to changing situations and find new solution paths. Because we can, and also because we take pleasure in our work—together with our clients.

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